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Drawing Center Mark Improvements & The Lack Thereof

2 April 2010 20 Comments

Frustrated User A recent comment on my post on my favorite improvements in SolidWorks 2010 reminded me of an issue I have with what was one of my most favorite improvements: Drawing Center Mark Improvements.

When this feature improvement was first announced and I saw it demoed, I was very excited. My workflow has always been to add center marks, and then dimension to them, as dimensioning to the holes would not allow the dimension witness lines to display correctly with the center marks in place. And I occasionally had issues when something happened that required the center marks be deleted and recreated, and then I would end up with dangling dimensions.

Finally, my issues were addressed with the drawing center mark improvements! Not…

Unfortunately, it turns out that the improvement only works on individual center marks, and not linear center marks, which is pretty much all that we use. So, while this is an improvement, it’s not really for me at all. It’s only half done.

I really hope that SolidWorks finishes this feature in 2011 (or a Service Pack would be even better). It would really make my workflow streamlined.

Like the comment I mentioned above states, it IS the small things that make a difference!

Photo credit: sybrenstuvel

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