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Learning SolidWorks 2013

Video Tutorials

The 14 video tutorials on this page are provided by our friends at Infinite Skills and authored by Matt Lombard.

In this computer based training video, Matt introduces you to SolidWorks 2013. Join Matt as he takes you through this leading 3D CAD program; learn to use it effectively, whether you are a beginner, or a long-time user of SolidWorks.

Click a link to view each video (opens in new window).

If you enjoy these sample videos and would like to see the full course, take a look at the Learning SolidWorks 2013 page for more details.

Getting Started

What Is SolidWorks All About
About The Author
Getting Started On A Simple Model
Mirror And Feature Order
Library Features and Forming Tools
Creating Pipes
Loft And Boundary
Creating Views
Putting Parts Into An Assembly
Simple Animation
Multiple Position View And Printing

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