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Interactive Visualization Tools Survey

1 August 2013 No Comment

Some of my coworkers are presenting at the upcoming Nashville SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN) Summit in September.  They have put together a survey on 3D interactive input devices to help them build their presentation.  It’s a very short survey and you do not have to divulge personal information.

Please help them out!

Interactive Visualization ToolsToday’s 3D environment is evolving at a torrid pace.  This is due in part to the pairing of emerging 3D input technologies with the flexible design environments of existing software.  Not only do 3D professionals have total control over the outcome of a products final appearance, but also over the 3D design environment.  This total control of design is now being paired with various input technologies, such as 3D mice, touch screens, and other gesture/motion control input devices.  This allows an idea to begin and end in a 3D environment.  If a product can be designed in three dimensions, why not control it in three dimensions?

These technologies sparked our interest to deliver a presentation on interactive visualization tools at the upcoming Nashville SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN) Summit.  Results from this survey will be highlighted during the presentation.

The survey takes just a minute or two.  In return for your participation you will be helping your fellow 3D professionals gain insight into the exciting world of 3D input devices.

Follow this link to the Survey:


We appreciate your participation!

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