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SolidWorks 2009 SP3 Removes Display State Option?

31 March 2009 15 Comments

Back in early December, I posted an article on Display States and Steve Calvert commented about controlling the visibility of new components:

Brian, I use display states and love them except for the fact that when I add a component I have to go back and remove (hide) it from the already created display states. Do you know a way to add a component and only have it show in certain display states?

Steve Calvert

Originally posted as a comment by Steve_Calvert on CADFanatic using Disqus.

And I responded:


I’m unsure of previous versions, but in 2009 there is an option to “Hide new components” in the Display State Properties PropertyManager tab.



Originally posted as a comment by Brian on CADFanatic using Disqus.

No Options Shown in Display States Dialogue of SolidWorks 2009 SP3Well, after applying Service Pack 3 yesterday to my SolidWorks 2009 x64 install, I happened to want to control the visibility of some new parts in a new Display State that I had created, and the Option dropdown is gone! (Compare the image to the left to the original image from when I commented.)

I surely hope that this is just an oversight! Are other folks seeing this?

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  • I am going to see if this is the case with the 32 bit version too. That would be a bummer!

  • Well, it appears that this may be a regression.
    According to the help, the option should still be there

  • I haven't checked yet, but I wonder if this has something to do with display states also not working in eDrawings?

  • Lou,

    Does 32-bit show this problem too? I don't have access to a 32-bit install right now…

  • I just checked Brian and no go. It still shows up in the help so it looks like a regression like @btitus has explained below. Not sure but I would log this as an SR if I were you so they are aware of the issue.

  • I logged it for you under SR-1-1160337681 in case you want to reference it if you call in.

  • Steve_Calvert

    OK, Brian, you're scaring me with all this “it ain't here anymore stuff”. I like the display states. Maybe SW just forgot it in this SP.

  • Thanks, Lou! I appreciate you logging it!

  • I was hoping that it was a regression, but did not think to look in the help to see if it was still there! Thanks for confirming that, Brian!

  • Here is the response: ” This was an intended change as a temporary fix for SPR 381906. The function was not maintained even with the option selected – SW2010 will restore this option.” SPR 381906 was related to this option not working or being unstable.

  • Cool, thanks for the update Lou!

  • Cool, thanks for the update Lou!

  • Cool, thanks for the update Lou!

  • Paul_fivegb

    Hi guys…. does anyone know if this has been fixed in SW2010 it affects me big time.

  • Hi Paul,

    I am not sure if it was restored in SW2010, but it is not in SW2011…