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Validate Your Designs Using Design Checker

28 July 2008 One Comment

SolidWolks Design Checker is a tool included with SolidWorks Office Professional or higher.  Design Checker is a tool for checking SolidWorks files to see if they are in compliance with your organization’s standards.

At a user group meeting a while back, the question was put forward about how use Design Checker to check to see if certain file properties were populated.  Specifically, there seems to be no way to check for a null value.

I suppose that you could use a space character, but the way I propose using it is to prepopulate your file properties with certain generic text (i.e., for Description, enter something like "Please Enter Description Here").  That way, you can check to see if the file properties still have the generic text and fail the check if they do.

This should also help coerce users to enter useful data, as it will be easier to see the generic text on their drawings or whereever custom properties are referenced.  (It has been my experience that users will leave blank entries blank, but if any text is entered they will tend to check it.)

Are you making use of the Design Checker to help ensure your SolidWorks files follow your company’s standards?

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