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PDMWorks Enterprise

12 September 2007 No Comment

This week, my company is implementing PDMWorks Enterprise (PDMWE).  As a matter of fact, I am currently getting trained by Razorleaf Corporation in the implementation and administration of PDMWE as I type.

On Monday, we got the SQL server installed and configured, and the PDMWE server software installed with help from via Remote Access.  We also installed a client so that we could verify that the server was functioning properly.

On Tuesday our Razorleaf representative arrived onsite to verify the server and client installs.  I also got trained on the administration of the PDMWE vault and how to tweak all the settings.

We have currently set up a test vault, and are in the process of setting up our default workflow and revision scheme and creating groups and folder structures.  Tomorrow we will install an archive server at one of our remote locations and implement the file replication.

Friday, we have user training, so I am expecting to hear some grumbling.  But I hope after everyone sees it and interacts with it, that they will see that it is a needed tool and has much more to offer than the PDMWorks Workgroup install we have been using.

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